Cirque du Soleil

Order Description
• Be concise, direct/to the point, don’t use superfluous/filler language.• Show any additional research but use attached information.• Provide section dividers/headers as listed above in the Questions/Components.
Case: Cirque du Soleil
Questions / Components:1. Summarize the organization and case issues. a. Summarize the current organization (history and current business operation)b. Summarize the current IT operation and corporate perspective.
2. Discuss the important business considerations to be addressed for a solution.a. What are they?b. Why are they important?c. What help is needed?d. What is driving the need for IT improvements? 
3. What are potential IT solutions you think are viable – what would you recommend? (DO NOT use the web to see what they decided); think critically and strategically as of that time (e.g.: what can they do beyond some standard, contemporary IT improvements?)a. Describe the IT solutions you recommend and explain their purpose (how should they help?)b. Describe the challenges of your solutions. c. What are they trying to achieve with the improvements?Viable (different) recommendations (big picture / strategic ideas); need more detailed on where they go from here, how do they improve / build upon the current state-of-technology?; what should be done with IT from a strategic, business perspective?

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