Archaeology lithic analysis

Look at Fragmentation, breakage, fragmentation in lithic assemblages and the significance and broader picture. Think about things like: What factors influence fragmentation rates, what are the main reasons behind breakage and fragmentations, what are some problems with fragmentation and breakage in archaeological assemblages (how does this affect how one analyses an assemblage), what are some factors one must take into considerations when dealing with breakage/fragmentation/trampling etc, why is looking at fragmentation and/or breakage in archaeology important, what are the factors that cause breakage and fragmentation etc (environmental, human, erosion, quality of raw material (rock type), the skill/technique of the stone tool knapper etc), what does the type of breakage (for example longitudinal breakage – please read up on this) indicate, what is lacking in the literature, Look at the broader picture. What can studies on this provide/contribute. What can cause high fragmentation rates (sediments, raw material, technique, trampling etc). Why is this literature useful and relevant when looking at my topic? (see comments below)
Be critical, make sure it fits the criteria of a literature review at a masters level. No fluff or repetition, nothing unrelated,
Look at all the files provided, not all are necessarily useful for the actual paper but to understand the topic and create a more deep analysis. May need to find other articles that I havent provided, but make sure they are peer reviewed!
Make sure everything is cited throughout the literature review!
My dissertation is about the gledswood rockshelter (provided some articles on this) but I am interpreting this in other chapters. I am analysing fragmentation and breakage of a lithic tool assemblage (flakes and cores, mostly flakes) from this site (this data is not available in any articles) and looking at the broader picture, but just make sure the agenda of the literature review is appropriately targeted towards this overarching theme

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