Alexis Pauline Gumbs: Dub: Finding Ceremony

Close reading of this passage on the section : Whale Chorus of the reading
Close reading is thoughtful, critical analysis of a passage that focuses on significant details or patterns in order to develop a deeper understanding of the passage as a whole. Close reading requires you to be able to both zoom in and focus on the details of the passage, such as word choice and syntax, but also zoom out and analyze how all of those details work together.

” it’s not the world on our shoulders, it’s the ocean on our hearts. on top of our whole torsos, actually. we get round beneath it. the weight that tries to lift us, the pressure that spreads like if love was sonic and could get everywhere, the sound of your unasked-for heartbeat, like if you were the center of something, stretching to try to make the globe not break, like without you the world would crack and lose itself. it’s more like that.
they say god moved over the face of the deep, but in the deep there we already were. already pulsing, already pulled by moon, relevant to us whether or not it was lit by sun. they fear the depth of the ocean rightly. we know what it means to be encumbered under there. we know what it is to have no choice but to pull from the bottom of ourselves daily. we don’t have the luxury of surface. whether or not we want it.
ever wonder why an island woman loves a clean floor? looks down without missing anything? sweeps even the dirt in the yard? well, where do you think we live while you sleep? down here. at the bottom of everything.”

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