Is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) more common in combat veterans compared to sexual assault victims?

ASSIGNMENT 2: SELECTING A STUDY APPROACH (worth 10% of final grade)

Personal Contribution (worth 7%)

Please think of this assignment as a short essay. Do not submit a series of bullet points.

To accomplish this assignment you should have the following elements:

  • Make sure to include your research question within your submission to remind your peers of the research question you wish to answer. Please be sure to revise your question if you received this feedback from assignment #1. One sentence showing how you improved the question should also be included. For example, if your question was too broad, then explain in a sentence how you focused it. 
  • In one paragraph, provide a description of the method that would be best suited to answer your research question, and why you have chosen this method.  For example, will your study be qualitative or quantitative? Descriptive, or experimental? Pre-post, naturalistic, mixed methods? Your selected method must make sense given the nature of your research question. Justify your choice.
  • In one paragraph, describe methods that other scientists have used to answer a similar research question. Based on the studies you have read, will your study method be novel, similar? Has someone already used this method to answer this research question, are you taking the same approach, and if so, why? Are you taking another approach and if so why? Is this method commonly used within your field of interest? If so why? (Be sure to properly cite scientific articles in-text, as well as in a reference list).
  • In 2-3 sentences, provide a brief description of the challenges you might find with your choice of research method, if any. For example, will your study methods interfere with patient care? Interprofessional collaboration? How will you mediate these challenges?
  • In 2-3 sentences, provide a brief description as to why this proposed research question and approach would be of clinical value to others in your future professional setting. How might an answer to this research question impact clinical practice? Will study findings provide healthcare professionals with enough information to support a change in clinical practice?
  • A reference list containing 2-3 references relevant to your research question, as well as appropriate in-text citation. (Do note, you are NOT expected to complete a full lit review on your topic at this time. We will be discussing how to conduct a literature review later in the course and you will be expected to conduct a more comprehensive review during assignment #3.

Responses to Classmates’ Contributions (worth 3%)

  • You are expected to provide feedback to 3 classmates for the first assignment.
  • This is a 3000-level university course, and the Discussion Board is not a typical Internet chat room. We expect you to think critically about information that other students post. Please refer to the Feedback manifesto (shown below) to help guide you when providing feedback to your peers.
  • Feedback may include references to other sources of data you have found and that you feel may help the receiver of your feedback with their work.
  • You are expected to use good grammar and formatting, and to contribute new, helpful insights to your fellow students.

Breakdown of marking schema for this assignment:

  • 1 mark – Clarity and suitability of research method.
    • Are your proposed methods clearly understood?
    • Does the proposed method suit the nature of the research question?
  • 4 marks – Justification of research method, challenges with methods and how study outcomes might impact clinical practice/ patient care
    • Based on your synopsis of similar studies, does your proposed method fill a gap in the literature on the topic?
    • Is your proposed method one that other scientists have used to answer similar research questions?
    • How might the outcomes of the proposed study change clinical practice? What sorts of challenges might healthcare providers experience when seeking to incorporate your research findings into their day-to-day practice?
  • 1 mark – Overall presentation of assignment
    • Proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. Please proofread your assignments carefully prior to submission
  • 1 mark – References
    • A list of 2 to 3 references is requested for this assignment
    • Sources should be peer-reviewed academic publications (i.e. articles published in reputable journals)
    • APA style must be used when citing references
    • Listed articles must be cited in-text
  • 3 marks – Responses to classmates’ assignments in discussion forum
    • You must provide feedback to 3 classmates.Please review feedback in Course Announcements about how to provide good feedback to your classmates.
    • 1.5 Marks: Are helpful suggestions for improvement provided to all 3 classmates?
    • 1 Mark: Is research on the topic at hand incorporated into all 3 discussion board posts, with appropriate citations included?
    • 0.5 Marks: Are all 3 discussion board posts properly and respectfully written?

HSCE 3010 Assignment 2 Rubric

AreaPoints Awarded:Comments:
Clarity – 1 points max.  
Research question is included. Proposed method is appropriate for the research question. Proposed method is clearly understood.    
Justification – 4 points max.  
Addresses gap in literature. Discusses if method has been used to answer similar question(s). Impact on clinical practice. Challenges to incorporate research findings in practice.    
Presentation – 1 point max.  
Grammar & spelling. Flow and sentence structure.    
References – 1 point max.  
Appropriate references included    
Participation – 3 points max.  
Responded to 3 classmates Substantial feedback    
Total Points/10 

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