Design a STEM Unit

Using Chapter 4 as the starting point, design a unit of study for students in the game design class at Freeway. Note that the chapter emphasizes the following:

We urge educators to broaden their vision for what STEM classes can accomplish. It sounds strange, but learning how to use a specific piece of software or even building a game should not be viewed as the most important aspect of a game design class. The primary focus should be on outcomes that are neither technology nor product dependent…

New learning futures should not be measured in terms of how much technology schools acquire but rather how technology is used as a platform for growing the academic competency and efficacy of students. (pp. 131-132)

You might have questions about what to include in a unit. Use the chapter to guide what you should include. That is, you should note what the researchers applaud, but even more importantly, what they critique.

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