Costing Systems As it relates to Ezra & Nehemiah

Paper details:

The paper topic is costing systems – job costing & activity-based costing and how it relates to Ezra rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem and Nehemiah rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem.

My assignment is to complete only the abstract, introduction and conclusion of the paper based on the information that is attached which is from my other classmates in my group.

Everything must flow as if one person wrote it.

The Thesis Statement for this paper is: Costing systems are evidenced in the Bible with Ezra’s reconstruction of the temple, and Nehemiah’s rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem.

The introduction should include the thesis statement.

The conclusion should tie the costing systems to Ezra and Nehemiah and sum up the analysis with the introduction.

Sources aren’t necessary, but if used the source should come from sources already used from the other parts of the paper and/or the bible.

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