You will be analysing either: Facebook or Ikea.

You will be analysing either: Facebook or Ikea.

The assignment requires you to write an essay on the following:

1. Discuss the ethical challenges and dilemmas you see represented in the Facebook or Ikea crisis.

2. Analyse the ethical (and/or unethical) behaviours and competencies you see from the leaders (Executive and Board leadership and the followers) and evaluate what kind of an organisational climate exists/existed.

3. Discuss the effectiveness with which the key leader(s) communicated externally and internally during the various stages of the crisis.

4. Outline the impact on the Facebook brand or Ikea brand of the ethical response.

5. Develop an ethical leadership development plan which includes:

5.1. Recommendations on internal and external communications – using the (hindsight) learnings on the Leadership and Followership Ethics from Facebook /Ikea

5.2. Recommended decision-making formats (e.g. Kidder, Nash 12 questions, Four Square Protocol) that should have taken place to improve ethical decision-making behaviour and decisions.

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