What is the main thesis of the paper (2)

  1. What is the main thesis of the paper (2)?

(Include a discussion of the main thesis and any formal hypotheses. You might consider

including a diagram to show important relationships that the authors propose, i.e. Mediation

(the mechanism by which something works) and Moderation (a factor that impacts how an

effect works))

  • How did the authors test/ demonstrate their claims in paper (2)?

(Discuss the methods that the authors used to test their claims. Appendix II in your textbook

provides a good refresher of marketing research methods. How many studies did the authors

report? Were they qualitative or quantitative? Did they use surveys, interviews, or experiments?

Who were the participants in their studies? Was the sample big enough to convince you? Did

they use large secondary data sets to test a theoretical model? What were the main results and

did they support the hypotheses? Did you find this paper convincing? Why or why not?)

  • Why did the author(s) of this paper (2) cite Paper (1)?

(What argument were the authors trying to make? Include a quote of what Paper 5 said,

including page number)

  • Does Paper 1 support Paper 2 assertion? Why or why not?

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