strategy in action

Assessment Information

This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes 1, 2, and 3:

  1. Debate different approaches to strategic management theory.
  2. Critically review and develop current themes in relation to strategy content.
  3. Apply and critically evaluate strategic management theory in an international, industry and organizational context.

This is an individual assignment.

The assignment requires you to answer the following question:

Apply the PESTEL framework to an organisation of your choice and identify the key issues or trends that are making the biggest impact on the sector in which this organisation operates. Critically evaluate the usefulness of the strategic framework and provide recommendations for addressing the strategic opportunities and challenges identified through PESTEL analysis.

Criteria for Assessment

This table details the weightings of the six criteria by which your work will be assessed:

CriteriaDescriptionProportion of overall module mark
IntroductionIntroduction to the company’s main operations, with specification of the report’s objective and structure.10%
Review of the external environmentAbility to analyse key changes in the external environment influencing the organization of your choice.25%
TheoryEvidence of appropriate understanding and application of PESTEL. Evidence of analytical skills to evaluate the usefulness of PESTEL.40%
RecommendationAbility to identify specific strategic opportunities and threats for the selected organization.25%
 Total 100%

Word Count   

Students must submit a 2000 word report (50% of module mark). 

There will be a penalty of a deduction of 10% of the mark (after internal moderation) for work exceeding the word limit by 10% or more. The word limit includes citations, quotations, tables and figures, but excludes the cover page, table of contents, reference list and appendices. 

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