statistics project assignment

statistics project assignment answer sheet

  1. Research question:

A: What is your research question?

B: What is your dependent variable?

C: What is your independent variable?

D: What is your hypothesis? (evidence base not required)

  • Selection of statistical test to answer research question:

A: Based on our research question, the statistical test we plan to conduct to answer our research question is…

B: The assumptions we need to check are…

  • Checking assumptions of your statistical test:

A: Insert screenshots of all assumptions tested here

B: Explain what the output of the assumptions you tested means.   

C: Having looked at the outcomes of the assumption testing, what do you need to do now?

D: Provide screenshot(s) and describe what you did if any assumptions were not met.

  • Answering your research question

A: Insert screenshot of appropriate statistical test(s) to answer your research question here

B: Explain what the research findings mean (i.e., what is the answer to your research question)?

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