Stages of Consciousness

Each student must select one (or more) topic given in class. The paper should be double spaced and type-written using 12 point font, have 1 inch margins. There should be a separate cover page that includes your name, the name of the course, the name of the menu item selected and the date. Papers should be minimum 6 pages in length and have organized introductions as well as integrative conclusions and should use the assignment description as headings where appropriate.There will be NO late, alternate assignments, or extra credit work assignments to earn points normally earned through the concept paper requirement.
Students should review this checklist prior to submitting all written work.
Do not use contractions in your papers since it is not a common academic practice.
Be sure to proof read your work for spelling and grammatical errors.
Be sure that your verb and noun tenses agree.
Remember, one sentence does not typically constitute a paragraph. Paragraphs indicate a new idea and therefore should have at least two to three sentences to provide explanation and rationale for your idea.
Be sure you provided a conclusion to your discussion. Do not end abruptly.
Be sure to follow the directions of the assignment versus making up your own because you do not understand (that is why the instructor is available to answer questions before a paper or assignment is due).
Be sure to proofread your papers and make corrections prior to submitting them. Papers that appear to have not been proofread will be assigned a failing grade and returned without further review or exception.
Please use the book in the link below for sources:

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