Midterm draft of final assignment

Task: Please provide an intermediary draft of the final assignment, of no more than 2000 words, on which you will receive feedback from the tutor.

Please therefore start by downloading the final assignment first, so these instructions will make much more sense in that context.

Do try to provide a structure for the full paper, with some content in the literature review (covering the units seen so far), and a few paragraphs for requirements 2 and 3 (case studies: what organisation, what is the change/innovation, what is your plan in addressing this requirement, if you have one already; self-assessment: likewise, an incipient plan, if there is one).

Bibliography management will be an important skill to possess.

Julia Balogun, Veronica Hope Hailey and Stefanie Gustafsson 2015 Exploring Strategic Change, FT Prentice Hall

Organizational Change
Author: Barbara Senior, Stephen Swailes
Edition: 5th edition but older ones will do too
ISBN: 1292063831

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