how Covid 19 has impacted the world economy

Project 2 Submission
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Submit your project 2 in here as an attachment and use this forum to discuss each others’ project, ask any questions, or make any comments. The project should be based on the following information:

         In project one we studied the many different factors that were involved in the creation of the “Great Recession.” So just how serious is this downturn in the economy? What is the exact depth of the impact of this situation on society? These questions we will attempt to answer in the next two projects.
        For the second project each person/team will choose a current economic event. The event may be domestic or foreign. All of the events need to be different, so they must be approved by the Instructor. Utilizing research and economic indicators as necessary, explain in detail what the event is, how and when it began, and how that event is impacting your life on a personal level. Each individual/team will gather their research, prepare, and submit a short paper explaining the results. The length of this report is not as important as the quality of the contents (research). Include as much of the research documentation as possible.
      The paper should be at least 1 to 2 pages in length and should have a minimum of 5 different sources. This project begins to highlight how every economic event, no matter what it is or where it is occurring can impact every person in society.

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