This Assignment Will Give An Opportunity To The Students To Investigate And Analyse Current Issues With ICT Systems.

Current Issues With ICT Systems


The report tackles creation of an effective web design. The success of online business for various enterprises may depend on the nature of the websites. To make the best out of a website, it should be; easily navigable, describe the organization, provide for its local, display the products offered, where and at what time they can be obtained. The nature of the website is critical for performance of any organization.


How do I design an effective sandwich company website? The report seeks to address this problem by evaluating the websites of various sandwich companies and analyzing resources on website design. the findings will be an evaluation of the websites and the summary section will provide the best alternative in respect to various aspects of a website.


Scratch Sandwich Company

The design of the website is not much appealing as all the information is obtained by scrolling down. One easily shifts to the next category for example from the Home to About Us. One color is predominant making the website monotonous to some degree.

The website is easy to use as one simply scrolls down to the last information available. However, it does not have a search engine and this makes it difficult for a user who wishes to implicitly get a given information without having to go through those they don’t wish to come across.

The menu is less graphic and mostly described by words. For a sandwich website it would be better if pictorial description came hand in hand in stating the menu.

The nutritional benefits of the sandwiches are not provided in the website and a user cannot easily ascertain the sandwich with their nutritional needs.

The website is cautious to help people with different forms of allergies make informed decisions by stating the ingredients of the products.

The special offers are well indicated in a manner that one can easily note.  it is indicated just before the menu and allows someone to know what additional services or products they expect after purchasing a sandwich.

The location of the premise is clearly stated and additionally a map to reaching the joint is provided. The hours of the operation are just beside the map and website user is well informed of when they can visit the premises.

The website provides for a number of ways to contact the enterprise. The email and their Facebook page name is provided. It is not exhaustive though.

Monty’s Sandwiches

The website is appealing with images of diversified conspicuous colors. At the top of website, the images are move continuously making it more appealing. The home page just contains the necessary basic information after which one can go to the other categories.

The links are functional making the website user friendly. One challenge is that it lacks a search engine.

The nutritional benefits are not provided in the website. A user seeking to know why the products meet their nutritional needs will not be satisfied by visiting the website.

No allergy information is provided for in the website and people cautious of the allergic conditions will not gain substantial information that will inform their product choice. The ingredients of the products are not outlined.

There exists a different part of the website that specifically deals with special offers. This enables a user to quickly check what additional products or services are provided in details.

The location of the business is well stated and supported with a map indicating the precise place it is found. The opening hours are simply but explicitly indicated.

The contacts information is sufficient and addresses multiple audiences. It has a phone number and also accounts of the enterprise on various social platforms such as Facebook and twitter.

East Hampton Sandwich Company

The home page is simple and speaks a lot. It presents a microcosm of the products by having a simple gallery. The use of colors and shapes have been optimized to make it attractive.

It is easy to access as the links are functioning but it lacks a search engine.

The nutritional value of the products is addressed especially by the nature in which the sandwiches are designed for specific age groups but addressing the family as a whole.

The menu considers various needs such as prices and age. The products are categorically placed and one could easily make a decision which section meets their needs.

The ingredients are stated below every product thus protecting people with allergies or rather helping them make informed decisions.

in the menu sector, products under a given group that have special offers on them have the offers indicated before the products allowing a visitor of the website to easily not them.

The locations of the various outlets are in place with links availed for accessing the maps.

 The contacts of the outlets come alongside them.  It addresses the issue of having multiple platforms for communication and has various accounts including social media accounts. The outlets open at different times and each has its time of working indicated.


A sandwich website should have an attractive home page with conspicuous colors, images and shapes that suggest delicacy like that of Monty’s Sandwiches.

The website should be user friend in terms of access having functional links to detailed information. East Hampton’s website is more effective compared to the others on this basis. None of them had a search engine which should also be included.

The ‘About’ section other than talking of the founders and uniqueness of products should inform the users of the nutritional benefits of the ingredients, processes and products.

Special offers should be eye catching. Being conspicuous enough will draw the attention of the user and probably increase their urge to purchase. Scratch’s website best presents this part.

Each product other than the price should be accompanied by a description of its ingredients to enable people with different form of allergies make informed decisions. Scratch’s website states the ingredients in details compared to the other two.

The menu should be group to address different classifications of customers just as East Hampton’s website has set it out.

The location should have a physical address and a map that can direct someone to the place. The three companies effectively address this aspect.

The opening hours of an enterprise should be well addressed in its website. East Hampton’s effectively addresses this by specifically providing for the precise times each outlet is open.


The nature of a website for a sandwich company greatly has influence on the sales volumes and the customer loyalty.  The website should be attractive, provide detailed information on ingredients, menu, prices, special offers, location and contact details. It should be easy to navigate and provide a feedback mechanism.


East Hampton Sandwich Company available at

Scratch Sandwich Company available at

Monty’s Snawich Shop available at

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