poetry in different texts.

the task the prof gave us:
Choose a text (i.e., a poem, a song, an advertisement, etc., and preferably one not discussed in class) and specifically explain how it may be treated as a poem. Although you will likely need to provide a brief analysis of the text and explain “what the poem means”, the focus of the essay is on explaining how the text is a poem rather than providing a length analysis of the poem’s meaning.

I wanted to do the song “real” by Kendrick Lamar
or the song “Hurt me soul” by Lupe Fiasco.
I attached screenshots of the literary work we studied in class. If you would like, you could pick whatever song or text you think would be easier to write on for you. just make sure it’s nothing from what we looked at in class.
The source would basically just be the text or song that you use. if you would like to use more sources, then up to you, but it’s not required.

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