NURS1504: Individual Assignment

NURS1504: Individual Assignment
Learning Outcomes
 Please refer to the course outline
Learning Objectives
 Please see the syllabus for learning objectives in modules 1-10

  1. Read the article associated with this assignment by Donnelly & Macentee
    (2016) entitled Care Perceptions of Residents in LTC Facilities Purporting to
    Offer Person-Centered Care.
  2. All seven of the care homes studied for this article are in Canada. As you
    read the results outlining how the residents perceived the care, notice your
    reactions and think about the questions below.
  3. Research and write a reflective paper addressing the areas below.
  4. Ensure you address each of the following:
    Research portion of assignment
     Discuss the culture change movement in long term residential care
    (support with current literature)
     Describe Person Centered Care (PCC) (support with current literature)
     Describe a minimum of three goals of person-centered care (support with
    current literature)
     Discuss three specific strategies or ideas you as an individual could use to
    implement person centered care in a residential care home
     If you were in a management position of a residential care home and
    could change policies, what two policies or expectations might you put in
    place to implement person centered care?
    Reflective portion of assignment
     What was your initial reaction to the resident’s thoughts about the care?
     Consider and describe your feelings around if you or a loved one had
    experienced the care as described in the article
     What did you gain from reading the article?
     Do you think this article will change the way you will practice when you
    graduate? Explain.
  5. Your written submission should be a minimum of four double spaced pages,
    excluding the title page and reference pages. You should include at least
    three current references in your reflection.
  6. Paper must be completed using APA format (6th or 7th edition but be
    consistent). Submit paper via Brightspace’s electronic Dropbox.
    Rubric/Marking Criteria
    Criteria containing an asterisk (*) indicates an exceptional thought and effort by the
    group members
    Criteria Weighting/Rating
    Culture change movement is discussed and explained.
    Supports with current literature.
    Person centred care is described and supported with current
    Minimum of three goals of person-centred care are described
    and supported with current literature.
    Three specific, individual strategies/ideas to implement PCC
    Two management policies/expectations to implement PCC
    Expresses initial reaction in thoughtful, insightful manner 2
    Describes feelings about self or loved ones experiencing this
    type of care. Demonstrates a strong, personal connection to
    the response.
    Explains what they gained from the article. Provides evidence
    of individuality of thought.
    Explains how the article may change their practice. Provides
    evidence of thoughtful, insightful reflection and shows
    evidence of individuality of thought.
    Minimum of three different scholarly sources are used 1
    Paper written using proper APA format 2
    Paper written using good mechanics (spelling, grammar) 2
    Total for learning activity /26
    Percentage in course 15%

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