Appendix A


As an individual marketeer, you are required to create a completely new brand and Customer Experience (Cx) for a product category of your choice. Keep in mind, creating a brand is not the same as creating a product: products are tangible, brands are an ‘abstract’ asset, therefore intangible.

The creation of your brand must be founded on real-market data, trends, and demand for the product category; therefore:

  1. Conduct a thorough Market Analysis based on your brand’s product category (i.e. soft-drinks; toys; pet food; clothing/fashion; automotive; foods/snacks; other consumer goods)
  2. Create an original logo
    1. The design of the logo must be truly original
    2. The design must be purposeful in its use of symbolism, words, shapes, etc.
  3. Create an original name
  4. Brand image
    1. Need/Demand recognition or statement for the product category and your brand
    2. Purpose and justification for the proposed brand
    3. Brand positioning statement
    4. The tentative emotional and functional benefits and value the brand promise
  5. Brand communication/promotion strategy
  6. Proposed marketing communication strategy for the brand
  7. Purposeful use of selective multimedia channels, and “why”
  8. Create original promotional media: photo, video, audio, digital, outdoor,


  • Proposed User/Customer Experience (Ux, or Cx) to engage with, and

relate to, your target audience

  • Minimum of three (3) promotional/content materials (one of them at least

in JPEG format) must have subtle/subliminal/psychological cues and use of colors, shapes, images, words, sounds, angles, etc.; to trigger a desired

  1. Artwork must be as original as possible
  2. Photo-shopping is allowed, with limitations
  3. You may outsource external help; if so, please give the individual(s) due credit for the artwork, footage, etc.
  4. Additional promotional material can be in video format (MP4, .WAV), digital, Flash, Sensory (provide samples and/or renderings), or any combination
  5. Discuss how your promotional/content materials can be used for neuroscientific

testing (such as those discussed in class).

  • Provide a written (APA-format) final report and present in a professional manner

(PPT/PDF presentation: do not submit as Keynote or Prezi)

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