Training and Development (human resources)

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Please write a 400-500 word essay on the topic of Training and Development (Chapter 8). Write your essay in a Word document and then upload the document to this activity. Please follow the rubric attached. Your essay will be graded according to the criteria included in the rubric.

(the uploaded files include an example, the rubric and the chapter that we need to stick to for the essay) Please read and follow closely to the chapter 8 power point and write about training and development

Learning Journal

      Rating CriteriaFailure/Poor Acceptable/AdequateVery Good/ExcellentScore
Purpose/Content 70%Many relevant HR concepts of the chapter are not addressed; does not properly explain the HR concepts.Relevant HR concepts of the chapter are addressed; explains most of the HR concepts properly.Most significant HR concepts of the chapter are addressed; explains all the HR concepts properly. 
Logic & Organization 20%Does not develop ideas cogently, uneven and ineffective overall organization, unfocused introduction or conclusion.Develops unified and coherent ideas within paragraphs with generally adequate transitions; clear overall organization relating most ideas together, good introduction and conclusion.Develops ideas cogently, organizes them logically with paragraphs and connects them with effective transitions. Clear and specific introduction and conclusion. 
Spelling and Grammar 10%Writing contains frequent spelling and grammar errors which interfere with comprehension.While there may be minor errors, the writing follows normal conventions of spelling and grammar throughout and has been proofread.The writing is essential error-free in terms of spelling and grammar. 

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