Emergency management

this final assignment is intended to familiarize you with Emergency
Management theory and its associated literature. Thus, when completing this
assignment, you are required to research that literature and complete a
traditional term / research-based paper. For this course, the overall theme
of the term paper will be your assessment of the history, present status,
and future of some aspect of emergency and disaster management law that is
significant to today’s world (in other words, a relevant issue) and that
interests you. You can choose some policy, law, or regulation that promotes
or hinders sound emergency and disaster management. You can choose to
present your work as a case study, presenting the issue with your analysis
and predictions supported by illustrative (case) examples. Or you may
complete your work as a formal research paper with an articulated thesis
statement and defense. In either case, you may support the law, policy,
regulation or issue you choose, or disapprove it; but either way, you must
give your related logic and evidence to support in support of your position
in doing so.

This final course project will be due by the end of the course; Week 8. By
Week 2, you must submit your topic and proposed approach to it through the
link on the Assignments page for the Week 2 assignment. You need to obtain
your instructor’s approval before proceeding to develop and submit your work
for a grade. Topics that are significantly similar to concepts covered in
the course, or in the forums and/or in other assignments will not be
accepted in fulfillment of this final paper.

There is no stipulated maximum length for this paper, but I expect the paper
to be complete. Typically, a term paper in this level course should have
between 10-15 double-spaced pages in the body of its text not counting the
title page and References page(s). You must include at least 10 sources.
Work not attaining at least 10-pages or having at least 10-sources will be
considered as non-responsive and will not attain a sufficiently passing

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