Education Autobiography

This project is to expand the understanding of urban education.
by constructing a personal narrative recounting experiences with/in the education system and how they inform present-day understandings of urban education. This assignment provides the opportunity to look at your life experiences, you are strongly encouraged to identify instances in your narrative that speak with and against some of the themes and topics covered in articles, with specific attention to the historical, sociocultural, and political factors that underlie these instances. In addition, you should interpret and analyze your autobiography in light of three-course readings.

Points total:
/.5 student recounted specific instances from their K-12 educational experience. /2.5 student clearly reflected on how their experiences with/in their K-12 schooling contributed to their overall understanding of urban education.
/2.5 student critically analyzed their past educational experiences in light of at least three of the course readings, making sure to highlight how their memories of schooling spoke to, with, and against at least three the course readings. /.5 student followed guidelines regarding page limit, font size, spacing, and MLA or APA, format. 12-pt font (arial, times new roman, georgia, ), 1-inch margins, double spaced.

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