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Project Worksheet
EZ Grader
Pendragon Productions
To create a sales presentation to inform the client about your research and analysis of the business startup in a Power
Point format to the potential owner of the concession stand that has hired you to analyze the company’s projected
financial startup. You will correctly format a standard business presentation using Microsoft Office Power Point
including information from your excel analysis of the business startup.

  1. To continue to build your consulting business credibility with your client
  2. To thoroughly discuss all options from your spreadsheet including comparing and contrasting
    each option
  3. To persuade the owner which option he or she should take.
    Create a business presentation outlining the work that you have done for the concession stand. You may use a MS
    Power Point template as part of your assignment or begin with a new MS PPT document.
    The presentation itself should be written in sound business prose, be formal in tone.
    Submit a PowerPoint presentation file (.ppt) that uses at least 12 content slides to illustrate your first consulting
    project results, but use no more than 15 content slides. More slides or less slides will incur a point deduction. Your
    assignment is to present the business analysis case and the two strategic business recommendations outlined in the
    assignment. Show how these recommendations would affect the pro forma cash budget and make sure to explain the
    assumptions. You’ll extract some information from your Excel template and link it to your PowerPoint presentation.
    Technical: Make sure to prepare:
  4. Notes pages for your presentation — add speakers notes as if you were preparing the presentation
    for a colleague to orally presenting this case to the owner
  5. Insert at least two charts from the Excel worksheets.
  6. Insert at least one set of cells from your Excel worksheets
  7. Use clipart, drawings, and pictures to visually enhance your presentation. — Be sure to use at least
    one clipart image and one jpg or gif image, but two images will not make a visually impressive
  8. Use at least one sound in your presentation. — Can be a slide transition or imported sound. Sound
    is best used sparingly, so use only one sound.
    Content — Make sure to include:
    • Title Slide — you name, course, consulting company, etc. (Use Word Art in your title.)
    • Background on the current state of the company — Ball Park Concessions
    • Basic case info
    • Assumptions provided
    • Results from your completed Pro Forma Budget
    Project Worksheet
    EZ Grader
    Pendragon Productions
    • The Recommendations Made
    • Details of each recommendation
    • Potential Impact on the business
    • Make a specific recommendation as to what the owner should do and why.
    • Show the Actual Impact of your Recommendation
    • Remember that Charts are helpful, but must be explained
    • Any additional recommendations – Do you have a better suggestion perhaps?
    • Conclusion
    The Completed Excel Case File.
    Save the file as YOUR LAST NAME and submit it through the D2L assignment dropbox for project submission.
    Your assignment will be evaluated by your instructor according to the assignment rubric supplied that includes the
    technical aspects listed above.

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