21 st century leadership and use of metaphor in organization

Assignment Questions:

  1. How might we characterize the 21st-century environment?
  2. What metaphor would you use to characterize the 21st-century organization? Why?
  3. Given your metaphor, what are the implications for leaders and the process of leadership?
  4. How does what you have learned about the 21st-century work environment informed your emerging definition of Leadership?

these are the websites I am posting here, from here i need all my information and uploaded the 2 documents too for that information.


to access these websites this is the user name and password if you need it:
user name: JABEENS and password: SKmet211#
Assignment Details and Outline

This assignment is a reflective essay and is to be written in the first-person. The use of examples from the literature, as well as personal experience to support one’s claims and assertions, is expected.

Maximum 1000 words (2 pages) in length (not including the in-text citations or reference list)

Minimum 12 point font, double spaced lines, 1-inch margins

Use of APA 7 formatting is required.
I need two or 3 citations at least in APA. and 200 words for each question. I need my assignment from these sources and two documents I uploaded, so if you can not open it or any other problem,

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