Week 7 Final Paper

Throughout this course, you will develop a leadership plan utilizing content from articles, videos, journals, self-assessments, blogs, books, websites and other research material. Using all the resources provided throughout the course helps you structure the leadership action plan. Self-assessments help identify strengths and limitations as well as areas for improvement and growth. This Leadership Plan helps you develop competencies needed to become effective leaders based on leadership theories, models and concepts explored throughout the course. The Plan will be 6-8 pages in length and you must use APA current edition guidelines. Use the rubric for guidance in developing your paper. To view the grading criteria, click on the assignment title and then “View Rubric” on the next page. Additionally, citing all sources is essential (not citing/improper citing can be considered plagiarized content and will earn a zero grade).

You will have Two (2) Options (either a personal plan or an organizational plan):

  1. The Leadership plan is focused on You

Background (apply relevant theories, models, concepts from the course)
Introduction (your experience, background)
Competencies/Behaviors (utilize self-assessments, blogs, other supporting research)
SWOT (strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats)
Goals (what are your goals as a leader-use SMART-specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timeframe)
Progress (how will you measure your progress, consider what barriers or challenges you face-describe them, what steps will you take to overcome these challenges)

  1. The Leadership plan is focused on an Organization (typically students use their own organization, but you have the option to select any organization to research)

Background (apply relevant theories, models, concepts from the course)
Introduction (introduce/describe the organization, such as number of employees, structure, products they produce/service they provide, include mission and vision)
SWOT (strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats- you will need to conduct research on the company to analyze; example-a threat would be the competition)
Goals (describe goals, strategic plans or initiatives)
Progress (what barriers or challenges does this organization face-such as a merger; what can leaders in this organization do to improve/sustain the organization; what changes should be made based on your research)

Please use option 2, and the two companies you could choose from is Walt Disney World or Target.

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