Unit Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness

Unit Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness

Please use this table to plan and report on how you will develop the working capacity of your team, explaining how you will do this.   (Each area below must be explained)Methods and techniques, you would use    What you are hoping to achieve by doing this   (likely outcomes)  Give reason for each of your actions.     (Why do you think this will work?)What time frames you are allowing for this to be achievedExamples of types of documents that might be used     (procedures, policies etc.)What will you do if these measures do not work?   (Contingencies)
  The various stages of team development             team roles and dynamics  Organize informal meeting   and establishing clear roles and responsibility to each member                                                 Get to know each other better, trust one another and work towards a collective decision. To resolve these organizational problems by having a quick response to the obstacles like lack of good relationship among members.Informal meetings will take approximately one year with employees meeting on a monthly basis.Such meetings will not require any documents like minutes since employees will be inform of a gala meeting but with strict policy that each member must be available whether junior staff or senior managerIf the informal meetings fail to address the relationship issue, then I will organize formal meetings mandatory for each member to express his or her views regarding their work experience.
Skills/ competency analysis  Conducting job and work analysis including requirements for performing the workTo identify core skills and behaviours needed to perform the roleCompetency mapping will make it easier for our firm to identify qualified staffs, assess their performance, focus on training efforts thus enhancing overall productivity. This will be achieved within one and a half years since it includes giving employees time to improve.Training manuals, interview question papers, questionnaires, psychometric tests tools among othersInstead competency mapping fails I will give all my staffs timeframe for improvement failure to which they can look for work somewhere else
The need to link team’s goals with organisational goals, KPIs and individual performance measures   the importance of agreed goals  Employing performance management programTo increase productivity and profitability through salesMaking sure that all employees are doing the right thing that advances the organisation’s purpose through its goals and aspirations. To analyse how best the company is achieving its stated goals and objectives.The technique is an annual performance review processThe program must follow the procedures such as; it must have a scope, purpose, overview, and procedures such as supervision, performance review process, rewarding employee performance, schedules among others. There must be employee’s files showing his work record and performance.Performance management is an annual process that if it fails I would try to make it an ongoing process and to encourage the managers to start coaching the employees and provide feedback on a consistent basis by supporting the conditions and behaviours for high performance.
Strategies to encourage input into planning and decision-making  This will involve participatory management, high conceptual level process, prudent consensus approach and vigilant decision management    To encourage personal and mutual accountability, collective work products, for team members to think strategically to reach the greatest quality solution for a complex team problems and minimize the risk failuresThese are to make the team members to learn from doing. Meaning, all employees must participate in decisions that affect the future of the company production and sales of our products. All members must have weight in decisions affecting inputs and planning processesIt does not have a time frame but must be measured at all levels of any input planning decision making procedures It may involve planning handbooks for team members, price list, market niche documents, work delegation materials and expectation outline requirement handbooksChanging the employee’s ideas about management takes time just like a total cultural change. If that fails I would employ some leadership styles such as from democratic to autocratic leadership style for a while to deal with long time employees who are the subject of resistance to change by making them free to leave if they can embrace such changes.
The need for performance evaluations/ reviewsDesigning ranking methods for team members, critical incident method and graphical scale evaluation programTo evaluate each team player as to his or her inputs and outputs in their area of expertiseThis will help in comparing the performance of all employees simultaneously and to get broader picture of the areas where team members needs improvement and to come up with recommendations on where they need supportThe approaches will run for one yearCharts showing each workers performance, records of sales by each employee and a list showing each employees good and bad incidence in the field.If the strategies fail, I will try other methods such as the checklist evaluation methods and the 360-evaluation technique. That is, checklists are quick way to identify employees with deficiencies in too many performance areas
Providing praise and constructive feedback   reward and recognition  Various method includes in the moment technique, authentic but not automatic and in the context technique.To improve integrity of team members, foster teamwork, brings excellence and the continuous quality improvement.Constructive feedback strengthens working relationship since its overall intent is positive. Rewards will ensure employees to take pride in their work and their job responsibilities.It has definite time frame but it can be conducted annually or any time an employee did a great job worth any form of reward or recognitionA list of team members with their designated job specifications and records of their sales.Another alternative is to create a recognition culture among the group such that their efforts will not go unnoticed.
Diversity  Through communicating exclusively and considering individual needsTo bring togetherness among the group membersCommunication will make all employees to feel equally important to the company, while considering individual needs will allow them to develop an appreciation for each other outside workDiversity is an ongoing process but should go for a year.It should include procedures such as team relationship sequence and team structure. Team list and duties should also be includedother techniques include delegation of duties fairly and making evaluation objectively without no favouritism
Constructive conflict  By bringing out the issues and using role reserve and empathyTo remove work related stress and boost the team moraleThis is aimed at looking at those various win/win solutions and seeking agreements on a solution while eliciting commitment to make them work effectivelyThe time frame should be up to six months and always work conflicts should be solved as soon as they arise to avoid low employee’s moraleIt may involve providing workers with conflict management handbooks, and employing procedures such as describing to team members the nature of conflict, type, reasons, how to cope with, and recommendations to the conflictAnother alternative is employing an integrate apology process whereby in any case there is conflict among the team members themselves, it will be a rule that they apologise formally and if its management conflict, then the management should offer apology to employees.
Trust, reliability, consistency and relationship building  By carrying out what I say, honouring any promise I made and being consistentTo ensure that the organization has satisfied customersThrough the staff attention, our customers should always feel that the staff has their minds and attention but not elsewhere by solving customer’s problems hence boosting company sales.This can take a one month induction seminar on the customer service managementGood Customer relation management hand books, list of both current level of trust in workplace and evaluation of team member’s customer relationship progress recordsBy remaining honest with the group members about both positive negative aspects of the business and involving all the employees in achieving company goals.
The importance of, and appropriate formats for, meetings   up-line communicationInforming the team members about the meaning of the meeting, agendas, who will attend the meetings, its important and how to communicate the meeting to every one through memos. To ensure the purpose of the meeting are met and all the intended employees attend it and saves timeThat will ensure that the group will become more satisfied with their decision and more committed to their implementation and the feedback relayed to managers for actionThe meeting memo and notices will be provided in one month before the meetingAttendance register, memos, minutes, and a well-documented procedure to be followed during the meeting and requirementsIf the team members do not respond to memos and notices, I will use the social media and e-mails for communication
Tnitiative, responsibility, motivation, delegation  Empowering the team to succeed and delegating challenging and meaningful work and acting as a role model throughout those processesFor efficiency and competencyDelegations helps time saving, boost employees moral, increase their innovativeness and help improve work outputThis should take only one month up to one year for motivation purposesA list of each employee’s specific job and responsibilityWorking with each employee to create their own personal development plan
The need to monitor, measure and evaluate the team’s development  By developing a monitoring and evaluation planTo improve performance and achieve resultsIt will help improve the current and future managements of products, sales and other outputsIt will take a period of not more than one yearMonitoring and evaluation handbook manual, team lists with specific duty and records of performance per sales.Fully capturing the range of team processes which comprises team performance that involves multiple approaches to measurements.
The need to develop efficient networks with other teams in the organisation  Building operational networkingTo help the group to build a relationship with their leader who can help them do their jobsTo ensure coordination and corporation among people who have to know and trust each other to accomplish their immediate taskIt will take six monthsA manual for leaders and networking, all employees register and filesBy modelling collaborative behaviour among the team members
Leader as role modelBy working together with them as a team member by inspiring them  To influence their work-related behaviours to motivate themThat is to influence their behaviours towards achieving a predetermined goalIt is a continuous process that requires no time frame for effective leadershipA manual for effective team leadershipThe employment of situational leadership style can apply in such kind of situations of other leadership styles fail

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