Honey West: This Girl for Hire (1956)

Personality Traits

In Honey, West TV series, This Girl for Hire, Ann Francis personality traits can be described as both charming, expressive and charismatic. She can also be said to have an innate talent because of her performance and impressive quality she portrays during her performance. As a charismatic actor, Francis personality could be traced by the way she plays the detective character in the film. For example, when Francis as an investigator needed to find out if a bunch of guys use heroin, she would look at their arms and then challenge them to a game of strip poker. Being a real cheat in the game, she always knew they would lose their clothes firster that she would lose hers, in the end; she would always beat them to the contest resulting in those men arrest. That kind of talent, power, and sense is what always make her a good detective (Fickling).

Honey West was also confidence in her work as a detective, that is, she could be described as being very violent but had an attitude and that she was sufficiently skillful at judo. By subjecting men to a game of strip poker, she exhibits her confidentiality that she would always win and get what she wanted. Honey was also hard working and committed. Ann never waited for evidence to mount up to make an arrest, but rather she would play hunches and at one time she managed to suspect every single character in the book (Fickling). Other personality she also possesses include being intelligent, highly imaginative and understanding of human behaviors.

Physical Appearance

Ann Francis was described by viewers as a sexy and beautiful female private detective with a pet ocelot and a beautiful, brainy and very much determined beautiful woman. She was also an active woman which she used to apply when dealing with criminals. Honey West is 5.5m tall and weighing 120lbs. For example, Francis’s sufficient adept in judo always made her engage in street fights with goons, but although she packs a .32 revolver, she would use her feminine wiles more often than she uses her gun (Fickling). That explains why the detective always dogged her partner Mark, the homicide cop and reached the scene of the offense or reach out to criminals and get the information she needed even if it would mean applying an extra force to get the truth out of such offenders.

As a sharply and beautiful blonde with a signature beauty mark next to her lower lip, Ann’s strength made her strong explain why she started acting and modeling at an early age. Her beauty charm is what she always applied to charm many male offenders in sourcing out any information she needed from them. It is that beauty that even made her challenge such heroin users into the games of poker because of those men interests in such beautiful women and at the end, she comes out with any information she needed.

As an Effective Investigator

Even though not trained as a detective, Ann’s success is attributed to her ability to collect, analyze and compelling information gathering from an investigation. She used to handle her investigations ethically and professionally while maintaining sound judgment and confidentiality which are attributed only to those trained investigators. She possesses an experience, skills, and tenacity it takes to peruse a case in its entirely. She was not the type of a detective who would keep her hunches to herself, that is, as soon as she suspected someone she would come out right out and accuse them (Fickling). While she violates most of the rules for a fictional agent, everyone would always suspect that maybe real-life detectives operate more like Honey West.

Her qualities as an efficient detective come out during the time she was working on a case involving the sleazy world of network TV. In that case, former matinee idol is convinced that Swanson is trying to kill him thus she engages Honey West to keep him alive. That is why she is described as the nerviest curviest private eye in LA. Her quick moves and responses because of her strength when handling cases and investigations is also a contributing factor to her being an effective investigator.

As A Stereotyped Character

From the book, we can conclude that Honey is a stereotyped character as she portrays herself as the kick-butt action girl. That is, her physique made her like to punch, kick, and the tough detective who doesn’t relent to use her judo skills in combat with criminals (Fickling)She can be considered as a stereotype since she exhibits the quality of strong does not equal violent. Meaning, she doesn’t have to possess a gun in her hand and that she doesn’t have to know how to use that gun if it is in herb hands but would use all the means as per her detective knowledge to source for the information she intends to get from whoever she wants it from.

Her being strong is not to say her being not able to be loved. For instance, the west had an On-again and off-again relationship with Lt. Mark Storm of the sheriff’s office, she confesses to having dated Rip Spencer quarterback from Loss Angels Rams Football Team and makes love to Johnny Dombella, a bounty hunter who she allies with on her adventures (Fickling). From the TV series, we see West stereotyped character as one whose strength has just naturally risen from her unique and engaging personality. Stereotype

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