Field Experience Observation Report

Paper details:

You should have observed in a classroom or completed an interview with a teacher prior to writing this assignment.

*If you are not able to observe a classroom or have yet to speak with a teacher, you are to use the following Annenberg video Building on What We Know: Cognitive Processing as a supporting source for this assignment.

For this assignment, please address the following:

In the first part of the paper, summarize the key aspects of Vygotsky’s theory.

In the second part, include examples of Vygotsky’s theory that you have been able to observe in classrooms, have learned from interviewing a teacher, or have experienced in your own education (and weaving the two together effectively).

For example, is the teacher you are observing (or interviewing) more of a “facilitator or guide” than a “fountain of knowledge”?

If not, how could this teacher structure their classroom to include more of Vygotsky’s main ideas/principles?

Please explain these classroom examples and associated research in detail/depth using ONLY the sources provided. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES AT ALL.

Also … MUST incorporate the following source:
Understanding Vygotsky article (uploaded in files area) and/or……..along with any of the sources provided upon your own discretion and study.

** This is a formal paper, so Abstract should be included. **

** The following link is provided to double check that proper APA format is used:

Make sure to address all questions/responses to assignment clearly and adequately detailed. Writing should reflect, graduate level writing.

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