The Cause of Violence in The Community

Violence in The Community

The term violence describes an intentional use of physical force or additional power, threats, against oneself, another person, or a group of individuals within a community, that in one way or another result in or has a far-reaching probability of causing death, injury, mental harm, maldevelopment and or deficiency (Jacobson, 2012). Such violence does not only occur within a given community but has become the leading global public health problem.

Within the community, violence can take many causes of action that includes; a visitor using physical intimidation or straight violence to steal something or hurt another person. It can also occur between family members, close friends, or peers and may include inhuman actions such as shooting someone, raping, stabbing, or beatings. Community violence affects children, adults, teens and to a larger extend the women (Jacobson, 2012).

Most of the violence cases recorded within various communities within United States and worldwide are attributed and linked to the youth. Several studies have shown that most young people engage in crime related issues because they either live in poor inner cities (ghettos), racism, and or being members of a gang where they take drugs and drink alcohol. To some, they indulge in violence because they come from families with history of domestic violence, frustration, and exposure to violent media materials. Among the community members, what causes violence are the persistent insults, provocations, a clash of interest and competition for the limited resources which is the primary cause of community violence of all times.

In the modern time the what causes violence within communities is the issue of accessibility to weapons (Jacobson, 2012).  Such cases have been reported in many states within America like the recent shooting in Michigan and California where two people got killed and scores injured.

Effects of Community Violence

Violence holds victims, families, friends and the neighborhood hostages while ripping communities apart and preventing them from coming together. Domestic violence tears apart families each year leading to child based violence such as child abuse and labor (Guerra & Dierkhising, 2012).  These kids are either being raped or over-worked by the same people who is knows them. Since most of these crimes are committed by people known to each other, the result is that people turn against each other, rape each other, rob one another, assault each other or kill themselves and at the end, an endless hatred and disunity within the community.

Effects of community-based violence can get summarized regarding psychological trauma, family disruption, loss of an individual potentiality, decreased quality of life, economic loss, social disruption, morbidity and mortality consequences. In the middle of violence are the children. Being exposed to community violence is among the most determinant experiences a child can have because it results to how the child will think later in life, feel or act. In the United States, many children and the youth exhibit high levels community violence exposure. During a nationwide survey conducted revealed that fifty-five percent of adolescents reported some cases of exposure to community-based violence (Guerra & Dierkhising, 2012). If hurt by violence, children may have to cope with physical and medical problems including mental health issue such as the post-traumatic stress disorder.


A key to addressing the violent behaviors within someone’s locality is by seeking the assistance a professional who specialize in violent actions. In this context, many youths who engage in violent behaviors because of peer group influence can get enrolled in youth organizations for guidance and counseling by professionals. On another perspective, people should try to protect themselves by reporting to the authority of any suspicious behaviors or strangers in their communities if in any case, they feel worried and unsafe. They should also share with fellow neighbors their concerns about another colleague’s violent behavior. That includes reporting families who subject their children to child labor and abuse. But the backdrop of community violence rests with the national government to prevent its citizen against violence at all levels (Jacobson, 2012).


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