What is the history of the treatment of the mentally ill in the U.S.?

emphasize on each question
1. What are different viewpoints on mental health from the text?

2. What is the history of the treatment of the mentally ill in the U.S.?

3. What is the role of social work in mental health?

use these as a reference:
Barusch, Amanda Smith Foundations of Social Policy: Social Justice Perspective 6th edition, Cengage Learning

  1. Viewpoints of mental health

There are different viewpoints of mental health in the text. First, mental health is important and must be taken seriously. In regards to this, it is important for everyone to live a peaceful life in the absence of stress from mental health issues. Second, mental health can only be achieved with proper and comprehensive healthcare. Third, it is important to understand that the journey to mental health begins with a diagnosis, to being honest to yourself and to the therapist as well as following the instructions for treatment and medication (Jenny, 2014). Therefore, a state of mental health is possible and can be achieved.

  • History of mental health treatment

Mental illness affects many people in the US. As a result of its impact, there has been an extensive change in its treatment through the years with some of the strategies being inefficient and even dangerous. The earliest form of mental health treatment dated 7000 years ago was trephination. It was used to relieve mental illness and headache among others. Bloodletting and purging followed at around 1600 which became popular in the whole western world. Bleeding, purging and vomiting were believed to assist in correcting mental illness (Barusch, 2017). However, in today’s world, a patient diagnosed with mental illness can benefit from psychotherapy tailored with bio-medical treatment and increased access to care. 

  • Role of social work in mental health

Social work has an important role in improving mental health services and mental health results for people. It ensures that there is a distinctive social as well as rights-linked perspectives in different settings. Moreover, it ensures that people get enough and appropriate support to make a positive and self-based change as they recover from a mental illness (Barusch, 2017). It also creates a platform that allows people to access statutory social care and social work operations.


Barusch, A. S. (2017). Empowerment Series: Foundations of social policy: Social justice in a human perspective. Nelson Education.

Jenny Law (2014, Sep 4). Video of Demi Lovato Speech at National Alliance on Mental Health. Retrieved from; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X95fmQHvxjQ

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