Lab 1) In chapter 5, the authors posit that rape and “honor” killings of women who have been immodest or sexually promiscuous is at least partially attributed to certain cultures’ obsession with virginity. Although not to the same degree, many would say that evangelical Christianity is also obsessed with virginity. How do you see these two cultures as similar and/or different when it comes to this issue? How have you seen the Christian church respond to issues of promiscuity and or to women (or men) who have been raped? How would you advise Christians to proceed when sexual promiscuity or rape occurs? (READ HALF THE SKY) (EBOOK)

Lab 2)  Read pgs 30-43 of my online lecture ON agapistic ethics in the teachings of Jesus.

Does the agapic theory of the right explained in the notes fall prey to the “scope of the moral community” objection to Kant’s ethics? Why or why not? (Attached file)

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