Community Resource Response Paper Assignment HUS103

Community Resource Response Paper Assignment HUS103
Assignment Criteria:
After reviewing websites, visiting agencies or attending discussions with guest speakers, you will write a
brief response paper including (but not limited to) the following;
• A brief description of the agency/organization
• What client population benefits from this agency/organization and how?
• Does this agency’s mission align with other community resources to support client needs? Do
they work with other agencies?
• What do you think is the most beneficial aspect of this agency/organization? Where do you see
potential challenges for clients?
• Identify and briefly discuss an agency/organization that has a similar purpose to this one. Make
sure to include resource information (Name, address, etc) for the Class Resource List.
Learning Objectives:
The objective of these reflection papers is to increase your knowledge of community resources,
understand the importance of continuity in service delivery, be able to critically analyze community
programs on a systems level.
Each response paper will be no less than 3 pages (AA response paper will be 2 pages) and include the
criteria listed above. Each response paper should also include an outside reference article or research
that addresses the program discussed, or one like it. This article is to be referenced in APA format. The
paper will be submitted on Blackboard and typed in a sans serif font (Arial, Calibri, etc.).

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