Balsa Glider Project

Balsa Glider Project

Assignment #1

A 4-5-page APA paper must be submitted which includes the following sections (with headings):



Glider Information



Balsa Glider Construction

The glider information section should include your research into gliding in general and balsa wood gliders in particular.  You should use this opportunity to determine what makes a stable long-range glider.  You do not have to present a specific design in this paper, only the research that will guide your preliminary designs.  Included in the 4-5 pages should be a title page and references page (per APA manual).  Utilize a minimum of 3 references, but more should be consulted to fully research the topic.  Use this as an opportunity to collect as much useful information as you can to form a foundation of knowledge in preparation for designing a successful glider.  The paper is due in the Glider Paper #1 Dropbox on D2L by the stated deadline.

Notes to students: this is a research paper, not a design paper.  For example, stability has not been discussed in class – you must research what stability is and how it influences a glider design.  When researching endurance, ensure you are looking at GLIDER endurance, not airplane.  The last section is how you will build your glider, but not the design itself.  Type of wood, glue, materials, tools, process, etc.  There should not be a final design in this paper, but you may discuss types of designs depending on your research.

If you have questions as to the intent of the paper, then ask do not assume!

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