Web Exercise, Freight & Logistics

Web Exercise

 Freights and logistics historically are a fragmented, shifting company (Hesse & Rodrigue, 2004). The company is very dependent on materials that are demanded and drove by GDP growth. Their experts value chain to anticipate and go around the full range of challenges and establish practical, strategies of winning for opportunities likely to be experienced in the future. To create value for their clients, these type of industries work with their customers across the value logistics chain and transport on projects involving a full range of areas of capability. The industry also values their clients and thus count some of them as the global leaders regarding freight and logistics, as well as, ocean shipping and distribution, rail, transport infrastructure, trucking, third-party logistics, and parcel and postal services (Hesse & Rodrigue, 2004). Besides, they also develop insights that work for the clients.

The freight and logistics company is diversifying, which can be attributed to the need to capitalize on globalization and outsourcing trends. The current trends of high levels of consolidation, regulation and privatization activities, desire for end-to-end capabilities, or turnkey services, rising demands for internal shipping determines the future growth. For these reasons, freight and logistics companies work alongside with Bain, at all organizational levels, to plan how to, where, and when to realize the maximum potential for revenue. These type of companies thus focus on improving services and expanding networks given the highest positioning for long-term growth. They also assist companies in identifying their customer needs and the best ways to serve and satisfy all he needs. The industry also helps businesses strategize ways to make operational strategies run efficiently and leaner (Hesse & Rodrigue, 2004).


Hesse, M., & Rodrigue, J. P. (2004). The transport geography of logistics and freight distribution. Journal of transport geography12(3), 171-184.

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