Religion in British Literature

Essay Directions
Topic: Describe how religion plays an important role in the works of British Literature.
Which works in this semester had the strongest religious message? What can readers learn
from this kind of literature? Can people learn as much from British Literature about religion
as they can from the Holy Bible? Why or why not?
Work of literature with strongest religious message: (ATTACHED PDF)

  1. Dream of the Rood
    Criteria for Essay:
  3. 3-4 Pages MLA Style
    a. 12pt, Time New Roman, Double Space (except header)
  4. 1 individual page for work cited.
    a. Use ONLY peer-reviewed journal articles (do not use Jstor or Ebsco)
    b. If Peer-review journal article is used, the web site for Jstor or Ebsco should not be
    included. Only the information belonging to the article should be included. There
    should be absolutely NO web site in the work cited page.
  5. Do NOT use excessive quotes

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