Professional Standards and Values

Professional Standards and Values

Ethical behaviors are at the core of what is expected of professional standards and values: according to Pollock (2014), it differentiates professionals from other workers in the marketplace. Under an ethical code of standards, the system of criminal justice is expected to maintain strict and professional standards and values through all that they do. The department of criminal justice works in a variety of areas like courts and corrections, law enforcement, crime control, juvenile delinquency, and in drug and alcohol abuse programs. In all of the areas, the criminal justice system ensures all the professionals meet and perform their jobs as per an expected code of ethics related to a certain field.

According to the Academy of Criminal Justice of Science, all professionals have to respect the dignity, rights, and value of all the individuals (Pollock, 2014). Besides sensitivity and honesty, integrity is one of the most crucial aspects of maintaining a professional standard. Moreover, professional standards also include attempting to keep the peace, ensuring an unbiased viewpoint, and respecting the diverse cultural and personal values of others.

The responsibility for maintaining the desired standards are still timely, relevant, and of high quality relies on the nine members of the standards committee. The nine members work together and determine the priorities for revising and updating current volumes and for expanding or developing volumes to consider issues not yet covered. It provides and commissions oversight in developing particular recommendations and ensuring through review by both non-ABA and ABA entities through the task forces. The committee also revises and approves a draft of professional standards and values which are then forwarded to the criminal justice departments.


Pollock, J. M. (2014). Ethical dilemmas and decisions in criminal justice. Nelson Education.

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