People & Organizations, Human Resource Management

Combined Assignment 3: People & Organisations,
Human Resource Management
The four tasks shown below constitute 90% of the overall mark. 10% of the overall marks for the
assignment must be given to ‘Structure andFormat’.
You are Head of HR for an organisation of your choice. Prepare a report, aimed at the induction of
new, junior HR managers, which must meet the following requirements:
Task 1
 Compare and contrast different organisational structures and culture, and their impact on the
 Explain the factors which influence individual behaviour atwork.
 Explain how HRM contributes to an organisation’sobjectives.
 Analyse the impact of legislation on HRM in the UK today.
People and Organisations: LO 1; Human Resource Management: LO 1
Task 2
 Describe the stages in recruitment and selection of staff in the selected organisation. Construct
a new strategy for the organisation.
 Explain the ways organisations motivateworkers.
 Analyse the link between motivational theories, job evaluation and rewards.
Human Resource Management: LO 2 ; People and Organisations: LO 2
Task 3
 Compare the effectiveness of different leadership and management styles in different
 Evaluate the impact of employment-related legislation on employment termination
arrangements by analysing termination procedures used by your selected organisation.
People and Organisations: LO 2; Human Resource Management: LO 3
Assignment Word Count
3000 maximum across all tasks.

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