Kids should (or should not) be bribed to get good grades

Your third essay will be a 2-4-page persuasive piece.  You will choose one of the following topics:

-Kids should (or should not) be bribed to get good grades

-Cigarettes should (or should not) be illegal

-The popularity of plastic surgery is good (or bad) for America’s youth

-Violent video games cause (or do not cause) negative behavior

Remember to state your position clearly and support it with as much evidence as possible, and keep in mind that a persuasive essay, though using the skills of argument covered in your text, does not make use of insults or accusations to change readers’ minds.  Be sure to make use of the tips covered in your book, and remember to properly cite any sources you utilize. 

As always, please double-space your work and type it in 12-point font, and include your name, the date, the assignment, the class name and time, and your title at the top of the essay.

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