IBS 101 – Introduction to International Business

Spring 2018
16-week Research Assignment Schedule
IBS 101 – Introduction to International Business
Final Project – Research in Global Trade
Select an established (publically traded) American company and select a product the company
currently sells. Do some research; in what countries does your company currently do business?
In what countries is the product you selected currently available?
Using your research select a new destination country to which this company will promote the
selected product. Once you have determined a destination country, one that does not currently
have access to your company’s product, your course project will be sequential papers, leading up
to a recommendation of the best method to take this product into the country you have selected
(exporting, licensing, green venture, etc.)
Your assignments will require you to consider the legal, political, cultural, social and economic
variables of the country originally selected. You will also examine corporate strategy and
marketing options for the company originally selected. Wide-ranging data collection is a must.
Students will use their weekly research as a basis for their final analysis.
Selection criteria:
• Please select a country other than the USA, Mexico, or Canada.
• Select a real publically traded American owned company and a real product of interest to
you. Your product should be something not currently well-established in your destination
• Based on your research select a new destination country to which this company will
promote the selected product.
• While similar products might be present in your destination country, your company
cannot currently have any sales or operations within the selected country.
Project overview:
• Considering legal, political, cultural, social and economic variables, examine corporate
strategies and marketing options to recommend the best method to take this product to the
country you have selected (exporting, licensing, green venture, etc.)
• You will submit personal research assignments throughout the semester covering various
aspects of business analysis. These assignments will be aligned with the chapters you are
studying to assist you in your analysis.
• Wide-ranging research and data collection is a must, you will use this as a basis for analysis
and recommendations
• Include resources and references as requested in each assignment
• Every section of the research paper must include 3 to 4 sources. Internet sources must
be peer reviewed and legitimate or they will not be counted as valid. Wikipedia is not a
legitimate source of information for this project! DO NOT USE the Textbook as a
research source!
Additional formatting instructions
• Use APA or MLA Essay format:http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/
• Include all citations, bibliographies, and references –
• Include a TITLE PAGE with every assignment: Your title should include the Country,
Company and Product selected. ie: Coca Cola in Cuba
• Use Times New Roman size 12
• Double-space all written assignments
• Grammar and spelling are part of the grade
• Please, use theWriting Center if needed
Please use the library as your main resource:
Ann Tolzman is the expert Business Research Librarian, please utilize her talents!
FAILURE to Complete this project will result in a failing course grade
Personal Research Assignment Schedule
2/4 – Personal Research assignment

  1. What company have you selected?
  2. Find your company’s annual report
  3. List the Board of directors
  4. Include a chart of stock market performance
  5. In what countries does your company currently do business?
  6. Describe the product you plan to introduce into your destination country
    2/11 – Personal Research assignment
  7. Include the name and location of your country
  8. Brief history of the country selected
  9. Visit CIA.gov, and gather pertinent information on your country
  10. Locate your country’s Country Commercial Guide, published by the US Commercial
  11. Use this guide to gather information on your country
  12. Describe the significant demographics (Significant demographics might include size,
    population, income (GNI), literacy… Anything that might predict the potential success of
    your product within your target market)
    2/18 – Personal Research assignment
  13. What political system is in place in your country?
  14. What is the economic condition of this country? (Provide key economic indicators)
  15. What legal system is in place?
  16. What is the socio-culture of your country?
  17. What is the workplace environment in this country?
    2/25 – Personal Research assignment
  18. What is your country’s foreign trade policy?
  19. What is their strategic trade policy?
  20. What trade barriers challenge this country?
  21. Are they affected by any trade sanctions or embargos?
  22. Is your country a member of the WTO?
    3/4 – Personal Research assignment
  23. Is your country part of any regional trade agreements?
  24. What trade agreements do they have with the United States?
  25. How do these trade agreements affect your company’s ability to do business with your
    3/25 – Personal Research assignment
  26. Locate the FDI Confidence Index
  27. How is your country ranked?
  28. What does this ranking mean and why is it significant to your business venture?
    4/1 – Personal Research assignment
  29. Locate a website that provides real time exchange rates
  30. Find the spot exchange rate for your country’s currency
  31. Include a one-year currency chart showing the monthly movement between the US Dollar
    and your county’s currency
  32. Discuss the one-year currency trend. What direction is your currency moving in relation
    to the US Dollar. Why is this happening and what do you anticipate for future
    movement? How could your company hedge against future currency risk?
    4/8 – Personal Research assignment
  33. Identify the different International Business strategies for competing globally and in
    relation to your country and your business venture list the pros and cons, for each
    4/15 – Personal Research assignment
  34. Prepare a table similar to the one found on page 386 in your text. For each entry mode list
    the advantages and disadvantages, in relation to your country and your business venture.
  35. Locate your country’s Country Commercial Guide, published by the US Commercial
  36. Use this guide to gather information on your country
  37. Using the table previously prepared and supporting your decision based on the
    information collected from the commercial guide, select the most appropriate entry
    method for your business venture.
    4/22 – Personal Research assignment
  38. Find the latest version of the Global Retail Development list
  39. What does this report tell you about your country?
  40. Research your country’s infrastructure. Based on your research what is your optimal
    distribution strategy?
    Legitimate Research Resources for International Business – IBS 101
    Please use the library as your main resource:
    Ann Tolzman is the expert Business Research Librarian, please utilize her talents!
    A great source of information for all your research needs on countries, economies, products,
    etc Includes CIA Archives.
    http://globaledge.msu.edu or https://www.cia.gov/
    Another excellent tool to search countries around the world, basic history, economics, etc
    International Trade Link
    Welcome to the most comprehensive searchable database of International Trade Web
    Resources on the Internet! More than 8000 links to International Trade / Import-Export Web
    sites are annotated and indexed.
    US Census Bureau
    The U.S. Census Bureau offers an extensive web site that maintains, among other things,
    monthly statistics on trade between the United States and its trading partners.
    GATT overview
    A comprehensive overview of GATT. General Agreement on Tariffs and Taxes
    WTO – World Trade Organization : http://www.wto.org
    Exporting Info.
    US government assistance for those interested in exporting products around the world.
    Population Reference Bureau
    A database with hundreds of variables for the USA, and the world: Population trends,
    economics, health, environmental issues, education, etc
    Index of Transnational Corporations:
    International Monetary Fund
    The IMF works to help economies manage or reduce risks, through economic analysis and
    policy advice and through technical assistance in areas such as macroeconomic policy,
    sector sustainability, and the exchange-rate system.

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