Video: (Hasten Death)

Appendix H – Video: YOUTUBE (Hasten Death)
Ticket to class:
• Place in dropbox prior to the start of class – no credit if placed after the discussion started and completed
• No single word responses (at least 100+ words in each response)
• Give the questions some thought and answer honestly
• Give examples if you have them
• Site resources
• Number your answers to correspond with the question
• Worth 12 points / 5%
Watch the video: “Reflective Discussion Video about a Request to Hasten Death” (Health Care Professionals from 12 years ago and updated version 2012)

Answer these questions:

  1. What is happening?
  2. What issues does the video raise?
  3. What emotions come to your awareness for you, the doctor, the patient and the family? Explain.
    Note: Please go to you tube and watch Reflective Discussion Video about A Request to Hasten Death.
    And Discussing Goals of care (Hastened Death Request) and answer the three questions. Thank you.

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