Diet Analysis

  1. File out 3 copies of the Food Log.
    Use this as a guide to track your food intake for three days (2 weekdays and 1 weekend day).
  2. Enter you foods from your daily food logs:
    Go to the Menu heading Diary
    Click on Add Food and start entering your food from your food logs
    In the Diary menu, you may also click on the Add Exercise and track your physical activity (not required)
    Once all your foods are entered, go to Trends menu Click on Nutrition Report and also check the box for Non-Empty Days
    Save a pdf copy of each of your Nutrients Reports for the days you logged your intake and
    Save a pdf copy of your Nutrients Report for the total 3 days. (in the Trends page)

To save a copy of your reports or save as a pdf: go to print as if you were going to print it on paper by right clicking on the page (and select print). Where you see “destination” or “printer name” – select that drop down menu and choose “Microsoft print to pdf” or “Save as pdf” then the entire page will become a pdf document. You can then attach the pdf to your assignment files. each of your daily Food Intake pages (in the Diary page)

Once your three days of tracking and Cronometer nutrient reports are complete, answer all of the following SEVEN questions with thought and detail. (MUST BE TYPED)

How well did you meet your individual food recommendations (food groups, amounts, variety)?
(5 points)
How well did you meet your recommended fiber intake? If you did not meet your recommended intake, what foods could you add to your diet to increase your fiber intake?(5 points)
What did you notice about your eating habits, times you ate, food choices, when you ate the most calories, etc? Provide some thoughtful insight. (10 points)
What differences or similarities did you notice between weekday and weekend intake? (10 points)
What are two improvements you could actually see yourself making after completing this assignment? (10 points)
What surprised you (good or bad) about your eating habits? (10 points)
What are the benefits and limitations of using Cronometer (opinion)? (10 points)

  1. You will submit the following items :

3-day filled out Food Logs
Your individual results from the Cronometer program (which includes):
Three days of your (Daily Food Diary entered in Cronometer)
Nutrients Reports (Only one report for all three days in Cronometer)

Your typed Discussion – Diet Analysis Questions and Answers (7 questions)

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