What did you find most interesting and least interesting about this course

1. What did you find most interesting and least interesting about this course.

2. Select one concept that you found interesting and describe it in detail.

3. Describe how you would use this concept in practice.

Respond to 2 other students and comment on their reply to this question. Compare what you found most and least interesting in this course with comments made by at least 2 other students. Do you believe that how they would use this concept in practice is doable?

Directions: Your discussions require an initial post by Wednesday night at 11:59 pm and at least one response to two of your peer’s initial posts throughout the week, but no later than Sunday at 11:59 pm. The goal is to build a discussion thread among you and your peers guided by your facilitator. The initial post must contain at least 300 original words. The initial post is required to have two supporting references embedded within the initial post to support your original ideas. The initial post must be submitted in APA format and all responses, that include a quote, must be appropriately referenced within the post.


Discussion:  Environmental Health Threats

Identify an actual or potential environmental health threat to individuals, families, or groups.  Assess populations at risk for this problem and identify things community health nurses can do to educate the public/clients about prevention and/or management.  Outline ways to reduce or eliminate these threats.

Identify a community health problem for which a health education program would be appropriate (e.g., teenage pregnancy, driving under the influence of alcohol, or failure to immunize infants). Gather information from various media sources (newspapers, television, radio, magazines) related to the problem. What messages are observed? What strategies have been taken by the community to deal with the problem? Do you believe these strategies are working?  What would you suggest when designing a health education program for the problem you chose?  How has the community been involved in identifying the problem and potential solutions?

Research one of the following historical nurses in regards to the role they played in community nursing.  If you were able to choose, which nurse would you have wanted to be and why.  Identify the name of the nurse, the role he/she played and explain why you would have wanted to be that nurse.  USE REFERENCES

Each student will select a communicable disease (such as measles, cholera, AIDS, etc.).  Research the history of the selected disease and identify the personal habits, living conditions, and other factors, such as vaccinations or lack thereof,  that contribute to the spread of the disease. Identify  public health efforts to reduce or eliminate them.  What is the role of the public health nurse in regards to potential spread of this communicable disease?  Are there any governmental laws that dictate how or what interventions are used to eliminate the disease?

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