Term paper instructions

  • First, students will select business problems that are connected to a topic emphasized in this course. These problems can be real problems in their professional life, or they can be from a company in the news.
  • Second, students will assemble a set of information sources on the problem. These sources will provide enough background information so that appropriate solutions to the problem can be discussed.
  • Third, students will present several alternatives as potential solutions to the problem. Advantages and disadvantages of each alternative will be discussed. Once again, these solutions are based on information sources.
  • Fourth, students will recommend particular solutions and defend their recommendations.
  • Fifth, students will present their research to their fellow students and moderate discussions of the research, alternatives, and recommendations.
  • Finally, students will revise their research based on the input from fellow students and  then submit the final version of their research projects to the instructor.

Below is a little bit more detail after i asked the professor about the paper.

First off, if you need more time to solidify a topic, please advise.  Do not wait too long, though as the workload will pile up.  

Second, regarding the topic – please conduct a review under Project -Term Paper then Business Recommendation Paper.  The first bullet there states, “…select a business problem that are connected to a topic in this course.”  They can be real in profession (your job), or through online research. 

Third, topics should relate to Cybersecurity, or a specific challenge an organization faces with Cybersecurity policies, programs, or best practices.  Here are some examples of topics:

  1. Chapter 1 of the textbook – Data Breaches.  
  2. Chapter 1 Insider Threats (or as the textbook states, Employee/Ex-Employee Threats.  
  3. Chapter 1 Malicious software such as Malware, Viruses, Worms, DDoS
  4. Chapter 2 Laws and Policy – Domestic (US) and International

The above four are main topics which you can dissect to meet the project requirements.  For example, data breaches. Your problem statement could be, “Organizations are facing a rise in data breaches over the past five years.”  Another example, Insider Threats.  Organizations do not have an Insider Threat program or lack the resources to implement an Insider Threat program.  From here you can proceed through the project requirements of assembling information sources of the problem statement, possible solutions to the problem statement, and providing a defensive position on your research.  Again, these are all from the Business Recommendation Paper section within the Projects – Term Paper folder.  

Note the final statement within the Business Recommendation Paper description section. “Your research project should clearly communicate the technical details and critical analysis of your topic in an organized and concise manner. At the same time, the paper should be understandable to business managers with little or no background in computer hardware and system software. It is a difficult balancing act!”

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