Select a quantitative research study related to your research question

Critical Analysis Guide: Quantitative Study

Select a quantitative research study related to your research question.

 Read the article carefully and answer the following questions using the following grid.

Include a copy of the research article with this assignment.

ItemYour Response
What was the purpose of the study?   
What was the hypothesis of the study?   
What theoretical or conceptual framework was used?  If none specified, what might they have used?   
What kind of quantitative design was used? 
What was the sample size and how was the sample obtained?   
How was the sample size determined?   
What inclusion or exclusion criteria were used?   
Were important extraneous variables and bias controlled? If not, what should the researcher have controlled for?   
How were the rights of the participants protected?   
What methods were used to collect data? (e.g. sequence, timing, types of data and measures)   
What instruments were used to collect the data? 
Were the measuring instruments reliable and valid? What reliability and validity were reported?   
How were data analyzed?  What test(s) was/were used?   
What were the main findings?   
Are the findings consistent with findings from other studies? E.g., in the Discussion or Conclusions section, is there a review of how these results compare or contrast with prior research?   
Are the findings clinically significant?   
Could/would you use this as basis for changing practice?  Why?   

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