GSBS6514 – Weblearn
Trimester 1, 2020
As a team of consultants, you are to select a high-profile organisational leader and conduct an analysis
of this individual’s approach to leadership. You are to capture your analysis in a consultancy-style
Powerpoint presentation consisting of between 25 and 35 slides. Your presentation should be
professional in appearance and should aim to provide analytical depth in its insights into your chosen
Weighting: 25%
Final Due Date: Sunday 22th March at 11.00pm AEST – (Week 8 of this Trimester).
Please Note – All team members are required to participate in the development of this Powerpoint
presentation via the Group’s Private Portal in Blackboard. Each team will have their own Portal with a
file-sharing area and private message board. All Team members are expected to contribute regularly to
the discussion threads on their message board. Each team member will also be required to complete an
individual reflective evaluation of the group process. This evaluation will include an assessment of the
contribution of each team member to this presentation.
For this assignment, you are required to develop an analysis of the capabilities, behaviour and
achievements of your chosen leader. You need to form a team of approximately 5 people for
this assignment, and together you will prepare a consultancy-style Powerpoint slideshow
designed to present your analysis and findings relating to your chosen leader.
As you will be operating as a team of management consultants, you should select an
appropriate name for your professional consultancy group. As a team of management and
leadership specialists, you may wish to carefully evaluate the behaviours, decisions, level of
influence, impact, reputation and accomplishments of your chosen leader. Other areas worth
considering are your chosen leader’s use of power, level of interpersonal aptitude, and their
capacity to shape or influence organisational culture.
Throughout your slideshow it is worth drawing upon a series of pertinent and applicable
models and paradigms in order to demonstrate the defining features of your chosen subject’s
approach to leadership. Such models and paradigms might include (but need not be limited to)
Quinn’s Competing Values Framework, Hersey & Blanchard’s Situational Model of
Leadership, House’s Path-Goal Theory of Leadership and The Leadership Orientation
The leader’s achievements and accomplishments should be captured and presented in an easyto-follow timeline combining graphic and textual material.
Length: Your powerpoint slideshow should consist of between 25 and 35 slides with 15 – 20 minutes
embedded recorded voice.
Teams: Your lecturer will organise your team in the group page of Blackboard during the Trimester –
This will occur in week 6. Each team will have their own private forum, discussion-board and filesharing centre on the course Blackboard site.
Referencing: Since the group report is NOT required in this group presentation, you need to provide
in-text references in each slide if necessary. Compile a reference list at the end of the Powerpoint
PLEASE NOTE: Individuals who choose not to participate regularly in this assessment item through their team’s discussion
board between weeks 6 and 8 – may be removed from the group. This is a last resort, and such a decision will certainly not be taken
lightly. However, it may be necessary in some circumstances – to prevent individuals from attempting to join their group at the 11th hour
as this can cause serious problems and can impact negatively on other group members. In situations where one or more group members
display inconsistent or insufficient levels of participation, rather than being removed from the group, they may be awarded a mark that is
different from the overall group mark for this assignment. Individual mark adjustments, if they do occur, will be evidence-based. The
best way for you as an individual to avoid these undesirable scenarios is to make sure that you participate regularly on your team’s
discussion board between weeks 6 and 8, as this will establish a track record of your involvement in the group project.
The grading of this assignment:
This assignment will be graded according to the following criteria:
(a) Content: Ability to identify relevant theory, achievements, decisions, influences and outcomes.
(10 marks)
(b) Analysis: Ability to apply theory and to demonstrate evaluative insights into the capabilities,
behaviour and achievements of your chosen leader. (5 marks)
(c) Group Method: Ability to present a coherent and fluent overall presentation (seamlessness in
sequencing of material). (5 marks)
(d) Presentation Skills: Persuasiveness, clarity, engagement, as well as appropriate formatting of
visual aids (for example through clear presentation of diagrams, charts, relevant images,
spelling and fluent syntax.) (5 marks)
Submission: 2A (Group Presentation) and 2B (Individual Reflective Evaluation Document)
2A (Group Presentation)
Group report is not required in this group assessment. Only allow one member to submit the group
Powerpoint presentation without voice recording to Turnintin by Sunday 22th March at 11.00pm
AEST. Check your %originality and resubmit if required. It will be necessary to call this document
with your group letter e.g. Group A Consultancy Presentation FINAL VERSION.
Other than the Turniting submission, each group needs to upload one copy of their PPT presentation
with voice recording to the group’s private file-sharing page in Blackboard by Sunday 22th March at
11.00pm AEST. It will be necessary to call this document with your group letter e.g. Group A
Consultancy Presentation FINAL VERSION with voice.
2B (Individual Reflective Evaluation Document)
Each member in your group will be required to also submit a one-page individual reflective
evaluation document to Turnitin. Check your %originality and resubmit if required. This is to be
submitted to Turnitin by Sunday 22th March at 11.00pm AEST. A pro-forma for your one-page
evaluation is provided in the Assessment tab on Blackboard.
• Image-rich slides with embedded text boxes and appropriate diagrams, figures, models and
charts are recommended.
• Each member should be presenting their own part as the recorded voice presentation embedded
in the Powerpoint slides (PPT)
• Additional explanatory text inserted in the separate comments section below the actual slides is
not recommended, and if it is used to help your group develop your slideshow, it needs to be
deleted before uploading your final submission to your File Sharing Page.
Thank you for adhering to these requirements.

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