Final Portfolio Project

 For this request you will construct a 6+ page paper that fully explores “In general would you say people should obey the law without exception or are there exceptional cases where people should follow their conscience even if it means breaking the law (GSS, 2016, n.p.?   You will provide the context and explanation surrounding the analyses provided in the paper. This project must display you understand the concept holistically.Cite literature about your research topic to set the stage for the data and analyses you present.Briefly describe the General Social Survey (2016, n.p.) as your survey instrument. Provide the questions, verbatim, that were asked in the survey which became the two variable you used. Also include the answer choices for each of them.  Share and explain frequency table(s) an histograms or graphs to describe your data.  Clearly identify and explain your hypothesis and the five steps of hypothesis testing as they apply to your research. Explain the results of the statistical tests and pull in some literature to provide context, demonstrating how your results and research fit into the larger body of literature on this topic.  You will use proper APA formatting including page numbers for citations and references.  The project is formal, you must include a title page and reference page, they do not count towards the word count. Use the following headings in APA format:
Introduction - Introduce the topic based in current literature (briefly - show why it is important to study). Discuss why you chose the topic and what the purpose of the paper is. Give a brief overview of what you will cover.
Literature Review - Review 3-4 peer-reviewed sources that provide a background on your topic. These sources don't have to specifically address the relationship between your IV and DV, but should address the topic and be somewhat related to your variables.
Methods - Briefly discuss the GSS (information you included in Assignment 1) as your data source. Identify and describe your specific variables, including the name, question, and responses (categories). You may state your hypothesis here, but do not go through the hypothesis testing steps until the next section.
Findings - Begin with a discussion of each variable individually, utilizing your frequency tables and charts/graphs. Then discuss your other analyses in logical order. Crosstabs are your first look at a potential relationship. Next, discuss the steps of hypothesis testing. Include the table of your significance test. Last, discuss the strength and direction of the relationship using measures of association. (Be sure you are thorough here. Include all of your analyses done in the forums!)
Discussion - Discussion what you learned from the various analyses and draw any conclusions you found. Talk about any further research you think may be needed on your topic.

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