The following are required components of the research paper:

  • The body of the paper will consist of approximately 10-12 pages
  • 6-8 Scholarly references
  • double-spaced
  • Times New Roman, 12-point font
  • APA format

The paper should contain: (In this particular order)


2.Decision Making

  • Describe Delta’s collaborative work environment, specifically discussing collaboration techniques, interaction between leaders and followers, and communication networks.
  • Research Delta’s business environment, using Delta’s website or periodicals such as Fortune magazine or The Wall Street Journal.
  • Explain Delta’s decision-making environment, risk management, and how the organization resolves conflict through the strategic negotiation process.

3.Team Building

  • Examine Delta’s approach to accomplish teambuilding and drive innovation.
  • Does Delta have training programs for teams and a process to improve team communication and decision making? Why or Why not?

4.Change Management and Innovation Culture

  • Identify something you believe should be changed about the way Delta operates.
  • Analyze how this change could be managed using the three-phase model of planned change.
  • Discuss the viability of using force coercion, rational persuasion, or shared power to achieve the planned change in Delta.
  • Identify potential sources of resistance and ways to overcome the resistance for the planned change in Delta.
  • Analyze Delta’s observable culture, shared values, and common cultural assumptions.
  • Identify Delta’s process of innovation.
  • How do the leaders of Delta reinforce and support a strong culture that promotes innovation?

5.Organizational Structure

  • Examine Delta’s mission statement, code of ethics, and organizational chart.
  • Describe Delta’s strategic objectives in light of the mission statement. Identify Delta’s structure and focus on why the company is organized as it is.
  • What does it accomplish through this organization form?
  • Also give attention to how this structure reflects Delta’s strategy.
  • Is it a mechanistic structure, an organic structure, or a hybrid structure?
  • What controls are used in Delta?


  • For Delta, examine the company’s environment.
  • Identify Delta’s strategy and its influences on the company’s design.
  • Does Delta embrace technological innovations? Provide support for this opinion.
  • How does Delta’s design keep the company on the competitive edge?
  • Describe one aspect that you felt was the most important for a company to grow and be successful regardless of the economic environment. Explain why?

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