Data Collection and Analytic Methods

Use APA style 7th edition. I have attached the previous paper to continue to build on it. Please make heading for the highlighted words in red. Also, data analysis techniques. Either using the table or qualitative software,.  THe instructions are below:

Concept: self-management of Low back pain.

Question: Data Collection and Conduct Analytic Methods section.

(a)    Data Collection and Analytic Methods

                        Your data collection method must be articulated as well as your process for analyzing the data (data extracted from your articles that capture the meaning of your concept in terms of antecedents, attributes, and consequences; <1 page). You may use qualitative software for data management or use tables for data management (please see tables on HuskyCT).-Continue to add on the existing table.

           Data Analysis

           Step 1: Read the article in its entirety

           Step 2: Reread the article additional times to identify (you may find highlighting helpful) how your concept is described   (antecedent, attribute, or consequence) and what is its underlying meaning in its usage In reviewing the articles, identify how your concept is conveyed in terms of meaning. Sometimes this will require reading between the lines so to speak to really get to what the authors are trying to convey. In other instances, what the author is trying to convey in terms of concept meaning may be black and white. Still, always ask yourself, what are the author(s) trying to convey, in terms of meaning, in using the concept.

           Step 3: Iteratively code your data using qualitative software or tables for data management. This will entail a beginning coding scheme, which may likely need to be revised as you dig deeper into the data. You will also likely find that you may need to collapse codes into a larger category, where appropriate, to make your data more manageable, and moreover, provide a more concise coding scheme for your antecedents, attributes, and consequences, respectively.

 Throughout this process, always keep in mind that you are seeking clarification of the concept. Keep an eye to the antecedents, attributes, and consequences of the concept under study and how they are interrelated.

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