What are some strategies to improve employee engagement, productivity, and performance levels?

Developing and Rewarding Employees

What are some strategies to improve employee engagement, productivity, and performance levels?

In this assignment, we consider practical ways to increase employee engagement, increase productivity, and improve overall employee performance.

SLP Assignment:
I have been asked to give a 10-minute presentation to a group of college seniors who majored or minored in human resource management. The topic is on effective performance improvement strategies using recognition and rewards.

In addition to the background readings, find at least one additional source from the Trident Online Library to support your presentation. With 6-8 slides (not counting the cover slide or the References slide), include speaker notes in the comments section under each slide. [Adding an audio (voice) component to each slide is desirable, but not mandatory for this assignment.]

Reading Material:

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Optional Material:

Bacal, R. (n.d.). Performance enhancement: Diagnosing performance problems. The Performance Management and Appraisal Resource Center. Retrieved from http://performance-appraisals.org/Bacalsappraisalarticles/articles/diagper.htm

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