Meeting Story Package

Meeting Story Package Draft
Take note: For this step, your draft final meeting story package must now include the interactive enhancements for online readers required in the assignment instructions.
These include:
• Multiple hyperlinks to useful additional information in each story.
• At least one additional enhancement for online readers, such as a Twitter alert teasing the story’s content, suggestions for an interactive Q&A with people featured in the story, a discussion question with the reporter (you!), an audio clip from an interview you did, a video clip from the meeting, etc., which could be included with the package to engage the readers about the story. The overall package should contain multiple embedded hyperlinks in each story plus at least one other interactive, multimedia, or social media enhancement.

Consult the Tipsheet for Using Online & Social Media and for Enhancing Your Final Project for Social Media in the Assignment Handouts folder of the Course Resources for examples of some of the ways you can leverage social media to enhance your story package.
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