HIV and AIDS Story

HIV AIDS story
Whot to do….
o- Write o short story thot is child friendly explaining to o young child that you
con be friends with someone who hos HIV ond AIDS. (Refer to the Story of
Brendo hos o Drogon in her Blood). You could contoct Biblionef SA to send
you o free copy of ihis book. Your Focilitotorwill shore the story with you in
closs. Now creote your own shori siory.
. Do research on the Myths and Truths regarding how you con contract HIV ,
,’r a..t’
. ‘Create o knowledge questionnaire ond memorondum thot you could use to
troin o fellow sioff member of vour school. to understond the truths ond mvthsr Ir
obout HIV ond AIDS. \ 1 \’ l
. Give o copy of your knowledge quesiionnoire to your study portner to
complete. Now score your study partner ond odd the completed knowledge
questionnoire os evidence olong with o blonk one.
Criierio: Use lots of pictures, moke it eosy to follow

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