Develop a folio of arts resources for the purpose of teaching into the early childhood setting. Portfolio of Resources Prepare a critically annotated portfolio

Assessment Task 2     [All About The ARTS EDUCATION]

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Weight 50%

Length 2100


Develop a folio of arts resources for the purpose of teaching into the early childhood setting.

Portfolio of Resources Prepare a critically annotated portfolio of:

  • creative Arts resources and provocations (with reference to relevant theoretical frameworks, curriculum documents and contemporary pedagogical issues) covering music, dance, drama, visual arts and media arts across early childhood and primary settings.
  • A range of resources appropriate for both indoor and outdoor play and learning environments.
  •  Resources that support creativity
  • Resources that teach various Arts disciplines
  • Resources which support independent creativity for both younger and older children
  • Resources which support intentional teaching of arts skills and knowledge for both younger and older students

This unit requires you to use the APA 7th Edition referencing system ( direct quotes are not included in the word count)

References Required

Curriculum Documents: MUST USE

National and State Curriculum documents are available online.




QLD Curriculum:

ACT Catholic Curriculum (otherwise Australian Curriculum) :

Australian Curriculum:

Recommended references and feel free to find your own if you want.

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Extended reading

Deans. J., & Wright, S. (2018) Dance play and drawing telling as semiotic tools for young children’s

learning. Abingdon, OX: Routledge.

Griffiths, F (Ed.). (2010). Supporting children’s creativity through music, dance, drama and art:

Creative conversations in the early years. London, UK., & New York, NY: Routledge.

Please make sure you look the following references too click the links.

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